Newsela & Greenbush Education Service Center Partnership

We welcome schools and districts that partner with the Greenbush Education Service Center to learn how Newsela can help you focus on student engagement and reimagining learning across the curriculum.

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What is Newsela?

Newsela takes authentic, real-world content from trusted sources and makes it instruction ready for K-12 classrooms. Each text is published at five reading levels - so content is accessible to every learner.


Get access to 20+ genres of authentic, accessible content, aligned to standards and classroom ready.

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Build connections, promote inquiry, and get students thinking like historians, geographers and more.

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Integrate literacy and science with authentic, real-world texts, aligned to standards.

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Blend SEL and literacy, aligned with the CASEL framework.

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Newsela & The science of reading

In this video, we’ll review some ways in which using Newsela helps improve students’ reading comprehension of nonfiction texts, especially for upper elementary and secondary ELA, Science and Social Studies teachers.

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Supporting new Social Studies Assessments

In this video, we'll review the ways in which Newsela and the Inquiry Design Model go hand-in-hand, preparing teachers to incorporate effective HGSS classroom practices and meet the Standards and Benchmarks outlined in the Kansas Social Studies CBA.

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